Influence of Kamagra on the cardiovascular system

One of causes of the erectile dysfunction is diseases of the cardiovascular system. Due to the poor conductivity of the blood vessels, the blood circulation is affected in the penis, and a man is not able to have erection.

Men are recommended the drugs on the basis of Sildenafil to treat the erectile dysfunction. One of the best drugs is Kamagra. This is a cheap analogue of Viagra which has given a good account of itself on the pharmaceutical market and has a high safety.

But before using Kamagra, men should know two key moments:

  • Is Kamagra used during the cardiovascular system diseases?
  • How does the use of Kamagra influence on the cardiovascular system?

First up, there are many diseases of the cardiovascular system during which the use of Kamagra is allowed. These are:

  • Controlled arterial hypertension
  • Pancreatic diabetes
  • Controlled atrial fibrillation

In case of these diseases it is not needed to change a dose of Kamagra, and 100 mg may be used. But there are also diseases when the use of Kamagra (and a sexual intercourse) is contraindicated:

  • Chronic heart failure
  • Stenocardia
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Severe forms of arrhythmia

In case of these diseases, physical activity and a change of the blood circulation may cause an additional load to the heart, and this is not good.

There are also diseases when the use of Kamagra is not contraindicated but there are some conditions.

For example, Kamagra may be used in a lower dose (1/2 of the standard daily dose of 100 mg) in case of myocardial infarction or stroke. But the use of the drug is possible only in 6 months after infarction/stroke, and only if a cardiologist allowed this.

A second question: How does the use of Kamagra influence on the functioning of the cardiovascular system?

Kamagra causes a local dilation of the blood vessels in the small pelvic. As a result, a change of the blood pressure is insignificant. If a man does not have any pathologies of the heart, the use of Kamagra will not influence on the heart functions.

But in case of the existing pathologies, even insignificant change of the blood pressure or increase of the heart rate during the sexual intercourse may cause negative symptoms. Tachycardia, pain in chest, tremor, and shortness of breath may happen. As a rule, these symptoms pass after the end of the sexual intercourse but do not load your heart because it also has its own age.

There is one more important thing about the use of Kamagra. Men are prescribed nitrated during many cardiovascular diseases.

They help to control the pressure and improve the heart work. If you are taking nitrates, the use of Kamagra is prohibited. Sildenafil interacts with nitrates, and this may lead to an abrupt lowering of the blood pressure and even to death.