Recommendations for the use of Kamagra

If you have just started taking Kamagra for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, you should read the instructions for the use and special recommendations which are indicated in the official instruction.

These recommendations may be given by a doctor but not all men go to a doctor and buy Kamagra without prescription in the online pharmacy.

If you start taking Kamagra for the first time, do not take a maximal dose of 100 mg. It is better if you take a half of the pill – 50 mg of Kamagra within first 2 days.

If you do not have side effects within this period, a dose may be increased. Some men who start taking a high dose of Kamagra 100 mg, face a light dizziness, headache, and even tachycardia. This may cause anxiety and a man will not take Kamagra again.

Many know that the use of Kamagra with alcohol is prohibited but they neglect this rule.

If you took 50 mg of a strong alcohol (vodka/whiskey, etc), it will not affect the action of Kamagra.

But most men cannot stop and usually consume more, so that a concentration of ethyl alcohol in the blood exceeds the permissible rates.

In this case, the use of Kamagra is contraindicated.

The interaction of Sildenafil and ethanol may cause a digestion disorder, vomiting and even an allergic reaction. In case of these symptoms, you will not want to have any sex.

Kamagra (Sildenafil) acts selectively to phosphodiesterase 5 enzyme but this drug may provide an action to the PDE5 (in a less degree but it is noticed). Due to this using the drug visual side effects are possible.

They are manifested in the form of the reduced vision (blurred vision), increased light sensitivity, temporal color blindness (an ability to recognize colors). PDE5 is responsible for these functions, and if it is blocked, negative effects may appear.

All these side effects are reversible and pass in a couple of hours, after the end of Kamagra action. Do not panic. You just should bear in mind that a risk of the side effects grows in men with glaucoma, and therefore the use of Kamagra is contraindicated during glaucoma.

The pills of Kamagra should be taken with water (soda water is allowed). Do not take pills with grapefruit or grape juice.

These juices enhance an acidity of the gastric juice, so that a part of Sildenafil is destructed, and a level of bioavailability of this ingredient is lowered. In other words, just a part of the dose goes to the blood, so that the effect may be worse.

Gastric juice is diluted with water, so it becomes less concentrated, and Sildenafil is completely digested.

Due to this reason, the drug is not recommended after meals. It is better to take Kamagra on an empty stomach, for at least one hour before meals.

Brand Kamagra and Generic Kamagra

Brand Kamagra is a commercial name of the active ingredient Sildenafil citrate.

This ingredient is regarded as the gold standard in the treatment of the erectile dysfunction. This is the first ingredient that has been developed for the treatment of the male sexual dysfunction, and dozens of the different drugs have been developed on its basis.

Essentially, Brand Kamagra is an exact copy of Viagra. But Viagra is a brand name of Pfizer company, and this pharmaceutical company owns all patent rights.

Brand Kamagra belongs to the Indian pharmaceutical company Ajanta Pharma.

Here they figured out to use a chemical formula of Sildenafil to create a cheap analogue of Viagra. As you know, most men suffering from the erectile dysfunction cannot afford taking expensive Viagra pills. It is not cost-efficient to pay about $4-5 for a pill which acts just within 4 hours.

That is why a strategy for the creation of a cheaper analogue Brand Kamagra has been developed in Ajanta Pharma.

The manufacturers of Brand Kamagra bought a license for the production of Sildenafil citrate in its rights holder – Pfizer.

A marketing policy of the manufacturers of Brand Kamagra is directed at the satisfaction of demands of people with low income level.

That is why, big sums of money are not invested at the advertisement of Brand Kamagra. A low cost of Brand Kamagra does not tell about is low efficiency, it tells about its high availability.

The drug has given a good account on the market and became a very popular due to its low cost. This is not a surprise because you may have the same pill of Sildenafil but for $1-2 and save your money.

Brand Kamagra has been approved by FDA and now is one of the main drugs prescribed for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction.

Kamagra takes its own niche on the pharmaceutical market, and therefore small pharmaceutical companies have begun to use this commercial name for their drugs.

This way, a lot of Generics Kamagra have appeared on the market.

Generic Kamagra has distinctive peculiarities from brand Kamagra. These differences mainly consist in a medical form.

As every Generic Kamagra contains sildenafil citrate in the dose of 100 mg, a mechanism of action and index of the pharmacological safety are not changed. But a form of Sildenafil may be changed.

Generic Kamagra is not just pills, these are also gel, effervescent pills, chewing pills, gelatinous capsules, and others.

An assortment of Generics Kamagra is now bigger than an assortment of Generics Viagra. In fact, these are the same drugs which contain Sildenafil and have similar action.

But Brand Kamagra is a medicine which has taken its niche on the market and is very popular.

It does not matter what commercial names are used by manufacturers for their drugs. The matter is what active ingredients they have.

And if you see Sildenafil 100 mg in pills, gel, or capsules, this is the ingredient that is able to help you to improve your erection and forget about fails in the bed.

Kamagra in the treatment of prostatitis

Prostatitis is an inflammatory disease of the prostate gland, and so disorders of urination, pain in genitals and even general fatigue appear. It has been considered that prostatitis appears only in men of senior age. But statistics shows that about 30% of men over 30 years old face different forms of prostatitis. Most men do not go to a doctor in time, so that this disease may become chronic and cause serous disorders.

If we put a bacterial nature of prostatitis to the side, one of the main causes is a blood congestion in pelvic. It happens due to the sedentary lifestyle, excessive body weight, poor conductivity of the blood vessels, high level of cholesterol, and others.

The treatment of prostatitis often comes down to a prescription of the anti-inflammatory products which reduce an inflammation of the prostate tissues and regulate the blood outflow. But there is another way to neutralize the symptoms of prostatitis.

About 90% of men suffering from prostatitis have erectile dysfunction. At first, erection becomes weak, and then completely disappears.

To treatment the erectile dysfunction, doctors recommend taking Kamagra or any other PDE5 inhibitors.

But few knows that this medicine may prevent a development of prostatitis and accelerate a recovery during the inflammation of the prostate gland tissues.

The main active ingredient of Kamagra is Sildenafil citrate. This ingredient acts in the blood vessels of the penis and small pelvic. It causes a dilation of the blood vessels and improves the blood circulation in the penis and organs of the urinary system.

The use of Kamagra may solve two main problems at once, during which prostatitis develops:

  • A blood congestion in the organs of the small pelvic
  • A secretion congestion in the prostate gland

But how does a secretion congestion influence on the development of prostatitis?

The matter is that a secretion of the prostate gland is a third part of ejaculate and is one of the main products of conception.

When the erectile dysfunction appears, a sexual activity is reduced, and the frequency of the sexual intercourses drops. Due to this, a secretion congestion happens in the prostate gland. Morbific bacteria are developed, and so an inflammatory process is increased in the prostate gland.

The use of Kamagra helps to improve erection and restore a sexual activity of the men. A natural release of the secretion happens during ejaculation, and a chance of the bacteria development is reduced.

Also, Kamagra significantly improves the blood circulation in prostatitis, and it favors a reduction of the inflammation and other symptoms of prostatitis.

According to the recent medical studies, it has been proved that men who regularly take Kamagra to prevent the erectile dysfunction seldom has prostatitis than men who do not use stimulants.

It is not obligatory to have problems with potency in order to take Kamagra.

It is enough to use the drug several times per month, and your sexual function will be normal.

Influence of Kamagra on the cardiovascular system

One of causes of the erectile dysfunction is diseases of the cardiovascular system. Due to the poor conductivity of the blood vessels, the blood circulation is affected in the penis, and a man is not able to have erection.

Men are recommended the drugs on the basis of Sildenafil to treat the erectile dysfunction. One of the best drugs is Kamagra. This is a cheap analogue of Viagra which has given a good account of itself on the pharmaceutical market and has a high safety.

But before using Kamagra, men should know two key moments:

  • Is Kamagra used during the cardiovascular system diseases?
  • How does the use of Kamagra influence on the cardiovascular system?

First up, there are many diseases of the cardiovascular system during which the use of Kamagra is allowed. These are:

  • Controlled arterial hypertension
  • Pancreatic diabetes
  • Controlled atrial fibrillation

In case of these diseases it is not needed to change a dose of Kamagra, and 100 mg may be used. But there are also diseases when the use of Kamagra (and a sexual intercourse) is contraindicated:

  • Chronic heart failure
  • Stenocardia
  • Ischemic heart disease
  • Severe forms of arrhythmia

In case of these diseases, physical activity and a change of the blood circulation may cause an additional load to the heart, and this is not good.

There are also diseases when the use of Kamagra is not contraindicated but there are some conditions.

For example, Kamagra may be used in a lower dose (1/2 of the standard daily dose of 100 mg) in case of myocardial infarction or stroke. But the use of the drug is possible only in 6 months after infarction/stroke, and only if a cardiologist allowed this.

A second question: How does the use of Kamagra influence on the functioning of the cardiovascular system?

Kamagra causes a local dilation of the blood vessels in the small pelvic. As a result, a change of the blood pressure is insignificant. If a man does not have any pathologies of the heart, the use of Kamagra will not influence on the heart functions.

But in case of the existing pathologies, even insignificant change of the blood pressure or increase of the heart rate during the sexual intercourse may cause negative symptoms. Tachycardia, pain in chest, tremor, and shortness of breath may happen. As a rule, these symptoms pass after the end of the sexual intercourse but do not load your heart because it also has its own age.

There is one more important thing about the use of Kamagra. Men are prescribed nitrated during many cardiovascular diseases.

They help to control the pressure and improve the heart work. If you are taking nitrates, the use of Kamagra is prohibited. Sildenafil interacts with nitrates, and this may lead to an abrupt lowering of the blood pressure and even to death.